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Price: £299.99 Details  
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Hawkmoto Citycoco 2000w Electric Scooter Big Wheel Red
Price: £995.00
Hawkmoto 125cc Interceptor SV2 4 Stoke Quad Bike -  Green  w/ Reverse
Price: £699.99
Hawkmoto 125cc Interceptor SV2 4 Stoke Quad Bike - Blue w/ Reverse
Price: £699.99
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Hawkmoto KT-49 Mini Scrambler 49cc  - GREEN
Price: £299.99
Hawkmoto KT-49 Mini Scrambler 49cc  - BLUE
Price: £299.99
Hawkmoto KT-49 Mini Scrambler 49cc  - ORANGE
Price: £299.99
LINHAI MQ150 Off Road Utility Quad Bike White 150cc Automatic
Price: £2,195.00
Linhai Commercial 200cc Shaft Driven Automatic Quad Bike Kymco mxu styled
Price: £2,995.00
Hawkmoto VRF-125F 125cc  Pit Bike 2018
Price: £549.99
Hawkmoto 49cc Petrol Scooter Goped
Price: £279.99
Hawkmoto Citycoco 2000w Electric Scooter Big Wheel Baby Blue
Price: £995.00
Chassis  (61001P)
Price: £24.99
Upgrade Aluminium Rear Suspension Upright Purple (02130)
Price: £15.99
Steering Hubs 2p (81022)
Price: £14.95
Nitro Engine After Run Oil
Price: £6.50
Price: £4.99
Himoto 1:10 Monster Truck Body Shell (10334)
Price: £24.99
Replacement/Spare Shock Absorber 2P ( 08001)
Price: £7.95
Silkolene Semi Synthetic Chain Lube
Price: £8.95

RC Cars, Tanks, Helicopters, Boats & Mini Motos

Gadget Box is happy to present you with a wide range of remote control vehicles, such as model RC cars, electric RC helicopters and several ranges of RC Nitro cars. Whatever you need, we can help you find great products for unbeatable prices. Browse our selection below to see if we have the ideal item for you.

RC Cars

RC cars, such as the Nitro RC car range, are more popular now than ever, due to the innovations and developments that new technology and construction capabilities can bring. RC cars offer great fun for all ages and experience levels. Our selection is filled with a variety of brands and styles, such as the Nitro RC car which has proven popular with beginners and veterans alike.

The Nitro RC car has certain key differences to the standard remote controlled car:

  • A Nitro RC car burns a fuel which is a combination of nitro methane, methanol and oil.
  • They reach higher speeds
  • Nitro RC car types can go for longer without needing to be refuelled or recharged

Many people prefer to use a Nitro RC car, whereas some much prefer those which run on electric motors. If you are unsure, it is important to look into both types, as each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Ordering Your Car

When ordering from our range of RC models, it is important to consider what style and design you would prefer. We stock a vast range of RC cars & RC car parts, including motor racing designs with a variety of unique body paintworks and high-spec features such as anti-skid tyres, extra-large front bumpers and precise steering fittings.

There are also off-road buggies in various colours and styles, which offer a slightly different experience to the standard vehicle most people probably imagine when they think of RC cars.

Mini Moto Bikes Are Here

As well as RC cars, mini dirt bikes, (mini motos) are a favourite of many. Whether used as a hobby or for sporting and competitive purposes, our range of mini moto bikes are available at highly competitive prices. There are a number of mini moto leagues and events around the UK, and our range of bikes have proven popular with riders of all experience levels, from the novice to the seasoned expert. Just so you know, we have a range of mini quads on offer too.

Our selection of mini moto bikes are available as race bikes or dirt bikes, which are designed for use on different track surfaces and in different environments. However you like to ride mini moto bikes, you can be sure to find the right model for you here. The Gadget Box range of mini moto bikes features various styles, colours and designs to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Remote Control Helicopters

Remote control helicopters have gained a large and loyal fanbase since they were first developed, and now there are many different styles of model available. Here at Gadget Box, we stock a vast selection of remote control helicopters in a variety of colours and designs, with exteriors ranging from vibrant multicolour patterns to military decorations.

Remote control helicopters offer hours of fun for all ages and experience levels. Many are lightweight and easy to control, both in flight mode and when hovering. Our range of remote control helicopters caters to a broad scope of skill levels and control capabilities, from 2 channel and 3 channel right through to 6 channel. This higher level of remote control helicopters requires a greater depth of skill, and is better suited to those who have been flying them for some time.

Flying an RC Helicopter

Using an RC helicopter can be fun and interesting, particularly if you can find somewhere with enough open space to fly. The majority of RC helicopter models are lightweight and can be given several minutes of flight time from each brief charge. No matter what style of RC helicopter you choose to buy, you can be sure that you will use it again and again.

Flying an RC helicopter is good fun, challenging and very rewarding. Many people enjoy it as a regular hobby, while others take part in competitions. Whatever reason you want to invest in an RC helicopter for, we can help you find your ideal model.

At Gadget Box, we have earned a strong reputation for providing high-quality goods at low prices, such as remote control vehicles, radio control cars, radio controlled helicopter models, radio controlled boats and radio controlled tanks. We are happy to offer any further information or advice you may need on any of our products.

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