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Electric & Petrol RC Cars

Radio Control Cars

People of all ages enjoy playing with model vehicles, especially the kind that have their own power source and can be controlled remotely. We stock a great range of buggies, monster trucks and road vehicles to suit every taste and can recommend electric-powered models to those who are just getting into this fascinating hobby. They are easy to control and provide newcomers with an inexpensive way to experience the thrills and spills of racing model vehicles without the high cost of maintenance and repairs that are often a feature of vehicles with petrol engines.


Running on rechargeable batteries, it is usually possible to get 5 or 10 minutes use in between charges and it takes from 15 to 30 minutes to recharge them in between races. If you have friends that are interested in model racers then it could be fun to organise regular competitions at the weekends. Alternatively, you could search online for other enthusiasts that live in your area. As with any hobby, remote control car racing can consume a lot of your time and money if you become serious about it but if you just want to have some fun for a couple of hours and try a few stunts that it would be unwise to try in a real vehicle then there is no need to spend a fortune on equipment in order to do so. This makes them an ideal gift for children as well as a pleasant diversion for adults that should know better!

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Fastest RC Car

A Model to Suit all Pockets

With the cheapest vehicles costing less than £10 you can buy one as a stocking filler for your kids and if they grow bored of them in a couple of months then at least you will not have wasted a lot of money on finding out whether they enjoy playing with radio controlled vehicles or not. Older children and adults that really enjoy their first vehicle might like to consider one of the petrol RC cars that we sell in the UK, when they are ready to trade up. Bigger and more powerful than their electric counterparts, they cost a little more to maintain but are undoubtedly a great choice for those who enjoy high-speed outdoor racing.


Not everybody likes to drive at top speed, whether behind the wheel of their own vehicle or controlling a model one. If you prefer to take things more slowly then a forklift truck with cones around which you can drive might be more to your liking. There are also many trucks featuring monster wheels that have excellent ground clearance, which are perfect for rough terrain. Whatever type of vehicle appeals to you most, we can help. Our efficient team are waiting to take your order and will do their best to ensure that your new vehicle arrives at your door within 7 days. We deliver to addresses across the United Kingdom and Europe so wherever you live you can start enjoying the challenge of racing radio controlled cars within a very short time.

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Havoc Monster Truck 757-9023

Havoc Monster Truck 757-9023

Take Monster truckin' to a whole new level with the RC Monster Truck
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Mayhem Monster Truck 757-9023

Mayhem Monster Truck 757-9023

Take Monster truckin' to a whole new level with the RC Monster Truck
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Radio Controlled RC 1:14  BMW I8 With Lights 49600-11
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